Black Like Me Natural | For Your Hair

BLM Naturals is here…enriched with Moringa extract and enhanced moisture lock-in for soft, healthy hair with more definition and shine.

After 30years, Black Like Me has given birth to the vivacious BLM for Naturals. A new product portfolio specifically formulated for natural hair. We are proud to say that this new range has a profound and refreshing NEW look and feel. The packaging for the new BLM range is uniquely attractive and informative.

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Welcome to our world of Intensive Hydration

Are you a naturalista?

“These are women who prefer to grow and wear their natural hair, a trend that is spreading fast in a world where for years, wearing your hair straight, with the aid of chemical known as relaxers, hot combs and even synthetic or human hair extensions has been accepted as trendy” Pamper your naturals with BLM for Natural Hair