Curly Hair Hacks For Effective Hair Growth

Growth and maintenance of curly hair call for different care as compared to its wavy or straight counterparts. Growth of curly hair is a little more finicky and very prone to defects such as premature breakage, making it hard for it to grow into extended sizes. With the right care and treatment with some natural hair growth products or even some home remedies for hair growth and thickness, one makes her curly hair grow to a length of choice. Discussed below are ways in which we can learn how to grow natural hair:

Limit the number of washes.

Do not make it a habit of washing your hair daily.  Daily hair washing, strips off the natural oils from the hair which makes it dry. Curly hair is vulnerable to dryness hence regular washing can lead to massive hair breakage causing unevenness in the size of your hair.  If need be, you can always wash your curly hair using conditioners. Conditioners help you to retain the natural hair moisture, unlike most shampoos which have sulfates that cause dryness to the hair.

Divide your hair into sections as you wash and condition.

Mostly curly hair tends to be a bit dense and unruly. This denseness makes it at times difficult to reach all the parts as you wash or condition. If your hair is thick and curly, it is always advisable to comb it into sections preferably 4-8. Then rinse and condition these sections each at a time.  The hair section sizes should be determined by the density of your hair. The denser the hair is the small the section. You should also consider using shampoos that have been manufactured specially for curly hairs. Curly hair shampoos help to have a better moisturizing effect hence they strip away less natural oils from your hair.

Use a wide-toothed comb to style.

You should never try to use a fine-toothed comb or even a brush to style your curly hair.  A fine-toothed comb will only cause damage, excessive breakage, and pain. Always make use of a comb with wide teeth to detangle the hair before you style it.  Alternatively, you can start by running your fingers through it towards the styling direction. You should also avoid brushing your hair while still wet for is it more susceptible to damage.

Avoid heat-styling.

Types of heat styling include straightening, blow-drying and curling. The excess heat exposed to your hair changes the protein structure of your natural hair making is less resilient and limper leading to easy breakage over time.

Avoid wearing ponytails and buns daily.

In case you like the frequent wearing of buns or ponytails always ensure that they are not tight. Occasional use of ponytails and buns cannot expose your hair to revocable harm, not unless the ponytail it tight or pulled-back. One should also avoid ties with hard rubber bands or even metal pieces.


A right hairstyle is one of the most important aspects we all look for to maintain a professional look. It takes minimal effort to keep our hair neat and healthy hence it should be our duty to give our hair the right treatment.