Curls Activating lotion

Curls Activating Spray
Curls Activating Spray 250ml
July 20, 2017
Oil Sheen Spray 250ml
Oil Sheen Spray 250ml
July 20, 2017
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Afro Care Kit

Curls Activating Lotion

When you wear your natural hair, you wear your authentic self. So strong, shining and unbreakable hair is a must! Through the enrichment from Moringa Oil extracts packed in our Curls Activating Lotion, your hair is made to be healthy.

Moringa Oil has vitamins and minerals for hair strengthening and nourishment from scalp to ends

  • Afro Curl Kit
  • We love curls so we have created a product that is suitable for a variety; natural hair, set curls, and perms. We have formulated a lightweight lotion which leaves hair curly and shining without leaving the white residue. BLM for Curls Activating Lotion defines curls and promotes healthy looking hair without weighing it down. Glycerine is added to condition and moisturise your hair. And a special blend of a fruity mix floral fragrance leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean.
  • For natural hair, apply the lotion directly onto the hair and massage into hair gently, so to get the full moisture and shine into your natural hair. For set curls (tight curls and bigger curls), apply gently onto the hair ensuring each curl is covered to get the sheer effect in every angle. And for perms, use a generous amount of the lotion on the whole head before styling and a small amount post styling to hold the hair in its perfect, curly shape.
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